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The Stroy of Charmed

How it all began.



Before Melinda Warren was burned at the stake, she vowed that each generation of witches would grow stronger and stronger untill they reached the form of three sisters. They would be the most powerful good witches the histroy of magic has ever known. It was a reunion they wouldn't forget! After Grams died Prue and Piper moved out of their apartments and back into their childhood home. They were never able to open the attic door, until one night, when the moon was full and all three sisters, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe were all there, the door opened. Phoebe found the Book Of Shadows she read and incantation out loud, which relased their powers. As the witches powers grew, they became closer and invincable. Until one move, destroyed the Power Of Three. Piper and Prue went out on the street chasing Shax, the Sources partner in a way, they used their powers in public, not knowing that they were on live TV. They were exposed as witches. A gun shot hospitalized Piper, and killed her. There was only one way to undo, all that was done. Reverse time, but to do that, it inculded Tempes, an upper level demon to do so. Phoebe begged Cole to ask the Source for help, and Cole did. But the Source said he would do it, only if Phoebe crossed over to the otherside, Phoebe excepted, and timer revered itself.
Once time was turned back Shax killed Piper and Prue, without Phoebe there, there was no one to call Leo. Cole helped save Phoebe, and the Elders gave Leo permission to heal Piper or Prue from the dead, of course he choose Piper, and Prue was gone. After Piper and Phoebe found out about their long lost half sister-witch, they killed the Source. Finally, their destiny's were complete. They were givin a joice to give up their powers, and clean the slates, and go on and live normal lives, or the could remain Charmed. At first Phoebe and Piper were keen to the idea, but later they backed down. Charpter 2 of a new destiny is still to come.

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