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Hey welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy it! This site is dedicated to The Charmed Ones. Prue Halliwell, Piper Halliwel, Pheobe Halliwell and their long lost half sister Paige Matthews-Halliwell. So I hope you have fun here! Love, Megan

Prue Halliwell-The oldest sister, She died at the end of Season 3, she had the power to move things with her mind and she could astral project herself to different places.

Piper Halliwell-The middles sister now the oldest, Piper has the power to freeze time and in Season 3 she devolped the power to blow things up.

Phoebe Halliwell-The youngest sister now the middle child, She has the power of premintions and in Season 3 she got the power to leivate.

Paige Matthews-Halliwell-The youngest sister now, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe never new that Paige had exsist untill after Prue died. See Paige was givin up by the girls' mother when she was just a baby. The reason why Patty (thier mother) gave her up was because she had an affair with her whitelighter which is against the rules, Patty therefore got pregant with Paige. Paige has powers like Prue did only they're a little different, Prue could move things with her mind and Paige calls a random item and it orbs into her this is because she is half whitelighter, Paige can also orb herself to different places.

The New Power Of Three
In order from left to right, Phoebe, Piper, Paige

What's New?
What's new in the lovely world of Charmed?
Well every Sunday night on the WB a new eposide comes on at 8:00 et time.
Old eposides of Charmed comes on Monday thru Friday on TNT at  5:00 et time.
So go check it out okay.


I watched Charmed last night and I think it  was a good eppy. I'm can't believe that Phoebe's Powers are all messed up, but I'm sure she'll be gettin them back soon I have a feeling that shes gonna make her boss give her a break or she juss gonna quit. That is if she doesnt get fired first.


I missed Charmed today guys but thats aight there was something way more important to do so I'm not sweating it. I'll juss check it out tomorrow.


Hey if you like to know anything extra or you would just like to commit about the site, write me here bye

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