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Season One Spells

Get ready for some spells.

BOS: Season 1
Something Wicca This Way Comes
(Spell To recieve their powers)
Hear now the words of the witches
The secrets we hid in the night,
The oldest of God's are invoked here
The great work of magic is sought.
In this night and in this hour
I call upon the ancient power.
Bring your powers to we sisters three,
We want the power, give us the power.
(Spell to rid Jeremy)
Your love will wither and depart
from my life and from my heart.
Let me be, Jeremy
And go away forever.
(Spell to vanquish Jeremy)
The Power of Three will Set us Free
(Spell of Protection)
Ancient One of the Earth so deep
Master, Moon, ans Sun,
I sheild you in my Wiccan way
Here in my circle round.
Asking you to protect this space
And offer your sun force down.
I've Got You Under My Skin
(Spell to Kill Javna)
Evil eyes look unto thee
May they soon extinguished be
Bend my will to the Power of Three
Eye of Earth, evil and accursed.
Thank You For Not Morphing
(Spell to Vanquish Shapeshifters)
In the circle that is home
Safety's gone and evils roam
Rid all beings from these walls
Save sisters three,
Now heed our call.
Dream Sorceror
(Spell for Love)
I conjure thee
I conjure thee
I'm the Queen
Your to be
As I will it so shall it be.
The Truth Is Out There...And It Hurts
(Truth Spell)
for those who want the truth revealed
Open thy hearts and secrets unseal
From now until it is now again
After which the memory ends
For those who are now it this house
Shall hear the truth from other's mouths
The Witch Is Back
(Spell to Summon Melinda Warren)
Melinda Warren
Blood of our Blood
Our Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother
We Summon Thee

Hope you liked them.