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Season Three Spells

Even more spells.

BOS: Season 3
Once Upon A Time
(To See the Unseen)
In this 'tween time, the darkest hours,
We call upon the sacred power
Three together stand alone
Comman the unsee to be shown.
In innocene we search the skies
Enchanted are our newfound eyes.
Primrose Empath
(To Release Vinces Pain)
Free the empath
Release his gift
Let his pain be cast adrift.
Sleuthing With The Enemy
(To Create Belthazor Potion)
Spirits of air, forest, and sea
Set us of this demon free
Beasts of hoof, and beasts of shell
Drive this demon back to hell.
(To Summon Belthazor)
Magic forces black and white
Reaching out through space and light
Be he far, or be he near
Bring us the demon Belthazor here.
Coyote Piper
(To Vanquish Keirkan)
Let flesh be flesh and bone be bone
The alchemist shall transform none
Cruel scientist of evil borne
With these words face the fire's scorn.
(Spell to dispossess a Being)
Host soul; reject the poison essesnce
Let love's light end this cruel posession.
Blinded By A Whitelighter
(To vanquish Aames)
Time for ameds and a victim's revenge
Cloning power turn sour
Power to change turn strange
I'm rejectin' or deflection.
Wrestling With Demons
(Lost and Found Spell)
Guiding Spirits, I ask your charity
Lend me your focus and clarity
Lead to what I cannot find
Restore that and my peace of mind.
(To find a path to Tom)
Show me the path I cannot find
To save Tom, and restor Prue's peace of mind.
(To Reverse Lost and Found Spell)
I return what I didn't want to find
Let it be out of sight, out of mind.
Bride and Gloom
(To Vanquish Dantalian)
Powers of light
Magic of right
Cast this blight
Into forever's night.

Spells, Spells, Spells.